Abu Dhabi Police Sets New Rules for Delivery Drivers

  • Publish date: Thursday، 12 May 2022
Abu Dhabi Police Sets New Rules for Delivery Drivers

The Abu Dhabi Police took to its official social media accounts to announce seven requirements for delivery boxes attached to motorbikes

> The box must have a front hatch to open.

> Its edges must be covered with reflective stripe material. This will enhance its visibility on the roads.

> The box must be made of fibreglass.

> It must not have sharp edges.

> It must be fixed to the bike saddle or the back seat.

> The text on the box must be visible from 20 metres away.

The police announced new rules to protect riders in December last year as accidents rose by 23%

Last year, authorities in Dubai had announced a set of rules for delivery riders. The maximum speed limit for the riders was set at 100kmph. They are also not allowed to use the left lane or carry another rider on their bikes.

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