ADPHC to Provide Comprehensive Medical Checkups for School Students

  • Publish date: Sunday، 23 October 2022
ADPHC to Provide Comprehensive Medical Checkups for School Students

The Abu Dhabi Public Health Center stressed the importance of the medical examination program for school students in the Emirate, pointing out that it, in cooperation with the educational authorities, conducts early medical examinations for students.

The examination program is divided into two types; The first includes all academic stages from the first to the twelfth grade and involves checking weight, height and body mass, and examination of vital signs, while the second is conducted for students of the first, fifth and ninth classes, including checking the medical history, performing a physical examination as well as an examination of sight, hearing, and scoliosis, along with a blood test, and dental examination.

The focus of the medical examination process is on diseases that hinder the student from educational attainment, which ensures the promotion of the student's health and the early detection of any diseases.

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