Abu Dhabi Transfers Pest Control Services to ADPHC

The pest control services will now be controlled by the Abu Dhabi Public Health Centre.

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 07 May 2024
Abu Dhabi Transfers Pest Control Services to ADPHC

Abu Dhabi has transferred the public health pest control services from the Abu Dhabi Waste Management Company (Tadweer) to the Abu Dhabi Public Health Centre (ADPHC). 

The Abu Dhabi Public Health Centre will now process service requests related to pest control in residences, public areas, and facilities. 

Individuals can contact the Government Contact Centre at 800555 or register a request through the TAMM platform for requesting pest control services. 

The public health centre will provide pest and disease vector control services aligning with the highest international standards. 

The centre will also run public awareness campaigns about controlling and preventing pests and disease vectors.

The centre will also regulate the distribution of pesticides to ensure the safe usage of these products. 

ADPHC has taken on the management of the pest control system to ensure personal, community, and environmental safety.

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