Album: Most Common New Year Resolutions

  • Publish date: Monday، 03 January 2022 Last update: Friday، 07 January 2022
Album: Most Common New Year Resolutions

Ah, yes, the new year 2022 is finally upon us. We can put 2021 and everything negative that happened in it (including that robbery in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix (yes, we're still not over it)) behind us. 

Every year, millions of people set new resolutions for what they want to achieve during the upcoming year. "I want to eat healthier", "I want to set up my own business", "I want to sleep better", yada yada. Very few actually stick to their resolutions for more than a week, nevertheless a whole year.

We've ranked the 10 most popular New Year's resolutions in this album. If you have any of these on your list, we pray you actually stick to them!

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