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All The Installations to Watch Out for At d3 Architecture Exhibition

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 09 November 2022
All The Installations to Watch Out for At d3 Architecture Exhibition
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Dubai Design District (d3) announces Dubai Design Week third edition of the d3 Architecture Exhibition from 8th of November running until 13 November 2022, the exhibition presents a collection of architectural works that look at designing with impact and a sustainable future – the overall programming theme of this year’s Dubai Design Week

The innovative exhibits, for the first time, are also located at various locations across Dubai Design District, including a multi-dimensional space on the district’s North Terrace and in the core of d3. They include striking structures and pavilions made of sustainable materials such as date waste, discarded shellfish, old fishing nets and demolished materials that have been upcycled or repurposed.

The work of leading architects is being showcased. These include:

· Dewan Metaverse Dome by Dubai Design District-based Dewan Architects, who first established in the UAE but now work across the Middle East. 

· The Musical Ring by Dubai Design District-based Sharabassy Built Environment Studio. 

· From the Dunes & Trees by Dubai Design District-based ARDH Collective, an Emirati architecture and design studio with a contemporary approach to architecture and modern sustainability.

· Once Upon a Forest by OBMI, a leading global master planning and architectural design firm from the US. 

· KIN by the Jordanian studio Fadaa Space. Based on idea that it is time to rethink our relationship with nature and to end its exploitation and live symbiotically, KIN’s bricks are bricks are created using discarded shellfish from restaurants, along with natural, low-carbon lime.

· Al Gargoor by Bahrani architect Sara Alrayyes. Al Gargoor is a public space made up of a variety of furnishings made from gargoor (a formerly used fishing net), either in its native shape or with minimal alterations. 

· A Palm Renaissance by Shema John of India-based Tash Architects. The UAE’s 40 million date palms alone generate approximately 500,000 tonnes of palm waste annually.