Dubai and Abu Dhabi Rank in Top 5 Global Cities to Work in

The Boston Consulting Group report revealed the work preferences of 150,000 people in 188 countries.

  • Publish date: Friday، 03 May 2024
Dubai and Abu Dhabi Rank in Top 5 Global Cities to Work in

Dubai and Abu Dhabi ranked among the top five popular global cities to work in, according to a report from the Boston Consulting Group (BCG).

Dubai ranked third, while Abu Dhabi ranked fourth and they were the only two cities from the Middle East to make it to the Top 10. 

BCG's 'Dream Destinations and Mobility Trends' report analysed the work preferences of 150,000 people in 188 countries between October and December of 2023.

London retained its position as the number one city people prefer to work in and it was followed by Amsterdam in second place. New York City ranked fifth. 

Other cities in the top ten were Berlin, Singapore, Barcelona, Tokyo and Sydney.

According to a LinkedIn survey from January, the percentage of professionals in the UAE and Saudi Arabia who prefer working in the Gulf region to the US or Europe rounded up to 82 percent. 

The BCG report also revealed that around 800 million individuals could be actively looking for jobs abroad. 

People choose to work in a certain destination because of the quality of jobs there, quality of life, and factors related to income. 

According to the report, languages spoken in the destination country matter a lot to professionals and English-speaking countries are particularly favored over others. 

Other factors that influence these professionals' decisions include recommendations from acquaintances living in the destination country and the destination country having diasporas of the professional's nationality. 

Two factors that also influence these professionals are age and their professional background. 

The most mobile occupations are engineering and technical; sustainability; services and hospitality; education and training; and design, art, creative and architecture sectors.

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