Average Salaries in Al Ain 2022

  • Publish date: Thursday، 04 August 2022
Average Salaries in Al Ain 2022

Al Ain is a city belonging to the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in the UAE, located near Oman. It is the fourth largest city in the Emirates. Besides Emirati citizens, a number of Arab and Asian communities live in Al Ain, especially those coming from the Indian Peninsula. It is also inhabited by many Pakistanis who come to it to work and earn a living. Here in this article is a detailed overview of the average salaries in Al Ain 2022.

What Is the Average Salary in Al Ain?

A person who works in Al Ain usually earns about AED 19,800 per month, meaning that half (50%) of the population earns less than AED 19,800 and the other half earns more than AED 19,800. As for the salary range, it ranges between AED 4,420 and AED 91,100.

Salary Comparison by Education in Al Ain

As it is known, workers with higher degrees earn more than their counterparts with certificates, and below we explain the salary difference between employees who perform the same tasks but with different educational levels in Al Ain.

  • Workers holding a diploma earn an average of 17% more than their peers who have only reached the high school level.
  • Employees with a bachelor's degree earn 24% more than those who only managed a diploma.
  • Professionals with a master's degree earn 29% more than those with a bachelor's degree.
  • Ph.D. holders earn 23% more than master's degree holders.

Salary Comparison by Experience in Al Ain

Years of experience contribute to determining the employee’s salary, as the more years of experience the higher the wage. The following shows the salary difference between employees according to their years of experience in Al Ain.

  • 2- 5 years of experience - earn on average 32% more than beginners
  • +5 years of experience- earn 36% more on average than those with 5 years or less experience
  • 10 years of experience - salary increases by 21%
  • 15 years of experience - salary increases by 14%

Average Hourly Wages in Al Ain

An hourly wage is a wage paid for one hour of work. The average hourly wage or what an employee receives for every hour worked in Al Ain is AED 110.

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