Report: This City Has the Worst Traffic in the World

  • Publish date: Friday، 19 January 2024
Report: This City Has the Worst Traffic in the World

In the TomTom Traffic Index, Metro Manila has earned the undesirable title of the world's most congested metro area for traffic. The average time for a 10km journey is 25 minutes and 30 seconds, with a congestion level of 52%.

Indian cities Bengaluru and Mumbai rank third and seventh, with average travel times of 23 minutes 50 seconds and 22 minutes 30 seconds, respectively.

Data is collected anonymously from drivers across the entire road network within the metro area. The Department of Transportation (DOTR) has pledged to accelerate road projects in response to Manila's challenging ranking. TomTom's assessment covered 387 cities across 55 nations, defining a metro area as a circle encompassing the city and nearby rural areas.

Following Manila, the top five most congested cities include Lima (Peru), Bengaluru (India), Sapporo (Japan), and Bogota (Colombia). Among UAE cities, Al Ain and Abu Dhabi exhibit the least congestion, ranking 346 and 353, while Sharjah stands as the most congested at 268, with a 12-minute-30-second travel time of 10km.

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