Sharjah to Tighten Housing Rules for Single Residents

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 22 November 2023
Sharjah to Tighten Housing Rules for Single Residents

Sharjah authorities revealed plans to tighten housing regulations for single individuals residing in residential areas across the emirate. This decision stems from a comprehensive report reviewed during the Sharjah Executive Council's (SEC) weekly meeting, presided over by Sheikh Sultan bin Muhammad bin Sultan Al Qasimi, Crown Prince and Deputy Ruler of Sharjah, and Chairman of the Executive Council.

Assessing Single Residents' Housing Status

The council inspected a detailed report highlighting the living situations of single residents in various neighborhoods and assessed existing regulations. It also examined the social, economic, and security implications of this scenario.

Proposed Reforms and Government Action

Sharjah to Tighten Housing Rules for Single Residents

Government agencies presented their perspectives on single individuals' housing and suggested strategies to streamline and enhance existing procedures. Thus, the council directed a "tightening of control" while collaborating with entities to devise new legislation aligning with current demands.

Ensuring Compliance and Eviction History

Specific residential areas in Sharjah are designated solely for families, and subject to regular inspections to ensure compliance. Over the years, numerous single men have been evicted from these zones for disobeying residency regulations.

Broad Council Agenda

The SEC meeting included a range of agenda items, including discussions on new service developments, ongoing project updates, escalating demands for green spaces, and the emirate's commitment to sustainability within the tourism sector.

Sharjah to Tighten Housing Rules for Single Residents

The discussions show that Sharjah is actively making sure people follow the housing rules while dealing with various parts of city growth and eco-friendliness. The upcoming rules highlight how the authorities care about where people live and the community's welfare in the emirate.

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