The patented system produces local tap water with a difference

  • Publish date: Friday، 10 June 2022
  • BE WTR caters to high end restaurants by bottling great tasting water with an attractive bottle design and branding on site
  • A sustainable system that gives back to the planet. No plastic, no waste, no transport

JUNE 2022, Dubai: Water. Are we drinking enough? Where is it sourced? How much does it cost? Is it local or imported? The questions and concerns surrounding this most vital of resources are endless.  

Or so we thought.

Due to launch in the UAE in June, Swiss-founded cutting-edge complete water system (filtration, refrigeration & sparkling and design taps), BE WTR is set to be a game changer.


From the dawn of civilisation to the present day, access to reliable water sources has been key to the survival of cultures and civilisations. The water sourced in each specific location, be it from a glacier, a lake, an underground reservoir or a mountain spring has its own unique flavour and characteristics that should be embraced and celebrated.

Although importing water seems to be the norm in this region, the BE WTR system encourages you to tap into the world of fresh, great-tasting local water, free from micro particles and other pollutants.

The BE WTR system will be targeted to the hospitality sector for use in hotels and restaurants as well as consumers for use in private households. Whether you or you customers prefer chilled, still or sparkling water, an elevated offering is at your fingertips.

With a business model based on a flat fee subscription, BE WTR sees huge potential in the UAE and the wider Middle East region.


The BE WTR team has worked tirelessly to perfect the cutting-edge technology used to transform tap water into a product that stands up to its imported counterparts.

Water treatment plants collect water from various sources before purifying and filtering it in order to make it safe to drink. However, there’s no guarantee that the water won’t contain micro particles, trace chemicals or pollutants by the time it reaches your glass.

This is where BE WTR comes in. The patented system uses a total of three filtration systems. A Preliminary Filtration that filters course particles; Activated Carbon Filtration that sieves out chlorine, organic substances and flavour-distorting components; and finally Membrane Filtration which eliminates bacteria, pesticides and micro-plastics. The process withholds unwanted particles while retaining the natural minerals.

The filtered water passes through an under the counter unit that refrigerates the water and a carbonisation unit that sparkles the water. As the unit is under the counter it is space savings and is directly connected to the mains. BE WTR has different units to manage all capacity needs from households to large hotels

The chilled, still and sparkling water is than dispensed through design taps to safely deliver great-tasting, smooth, soft, chilled, still or sparkling water directly to your glass or carafe.


Water selection is crucial in high-end restaurants, chefs and sommeliers work tirelessly to create the perfect dishes and pairings, so it’s imperative that the diners’ experience is maximised. As important for diners today is sustainability.

BE WTRs on site filtering, chilling, carbonating and dispensing to design carafes allows to provide great tasting water without the ecological cost of transporting water across the world.


This innovative approach to hydration is also beneficial to the environment.

The BE WTR system does away with the need for plastic and there is no waste and no transport with the exception of installation and servicing. Even then, the teams use electric vehicles where possible. 

Once the system launches in the UAE, BE WTR will help accelerate the move away from the use of plastic bottles and the excessive amount of water imported from all over the world. The recent Dubai CAN initiative is a perfect example of how the tide is turning and the fact that there is growing demand for sustainable and accessible water solutions in hotels, restaurants and homes. 

The launch of BE WTR in the UAE will coincide with the launch of a BE WTR bottling facility on the grounds of one of Dubai’s leading hotels. As well as providing filtered water to a cluster of hotels and restaurants within a suitable range, bottled filtered water will be made available for consumers to purchase and return or refill the glass bottles as needed.

In addition, BE WTR is a 1% For The Planet partner, with 1% of its revenue going to help fund water-related projects in the countries where they operate.


Speaking about the creation of BE WTR and its imminent launch in the region, founder Mike Hecker said: “I believe it’s on us to be the change we want to see in the world. Cutting back on single-use plastic is the smallest biggest change people can start making. And if you’re getting 100% pure, great-tasting water in return, then what’s not to love?

“As a regular tourist to the region, I have witnessed the enormous impact imported and bottled water has and wanted to do something about it. Accelerating our arrival to the UAE and our focus on quality and premium hotels and restaurants will accelerate the move to sustainable water consumption. We have a strong ambition for the region and believe we can become the leading sustainable water brand in the Gulf countries.”

BE WTR was first presented in the region at Expo 2020 Dubai and is already served in many Michelin-starred restaurants and luxury hotels in Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and France.

Samuel Tabarelli and Linda Bruun Lacin will lead BE WTR’s Dubai-based team. The hospitality veterans will bring their skills and experience to this exciting and pioneering project, set to revolutionise the water industry.

For more information visit www.bewtr.com

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