Bring Style & Performance Together with LG Built-in Kitchen Appliances

Find the brilliance of a professional kitchen setup with cutting-edge innovation and functional designs of LG Built-in Appliances.

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 29 November 2023
Bring Style & Performance Together with LG Built-in Kitchen Appliances

Dubai - November 2023 - Gone are the days when the neatly placed appliances created the look and functionality of your kitchen. When seamless cooking is the priority, you can't keep worrying about bumping your toe against a heavy kitchen appliance or skirting around one between grabbing spices from one cabinet and washing your vegetables. That's why the LG Built-in appliances are the newest definition of organization with style - because consistent aesthetics and functionality are the right choices.

Each built-in appliance by LG is designed to suit your preference, fit in a kitchen of any shape or size, and make any kitchen area an elegant space for excellent cooking. With LG, your kitchen isn't just a place to cook; it's a personalized, professional, and smart environment tailored to your cooking needs.

Breathe some freshness back into your kitchen with LG Built-in Hoods

Lingering smoke? Cooking odors? Greasy walls? All due to the absence of a direct outlet to remove the smoke and steam post-cooking. With LG's powerful hoods, rest assured of an environment that feels as new as the first time you stepped into the kitchen. The T-shape Kitchen Hood, with its three power modes, Boost mode, aluminum filter, and LED lighting, ensures a fresh and well-lit cooking environment. For those seeking powerful suction, the LG Vertical Kitchen Hood with Quintuple Layer Mesh Filter, LED lighting, and a premium design becomes a stylish and efficient choice.

Smart cooking begins with LG Built-in Cooktops

A contemporary kitchen isn't demanding of an out-of-the-world; all it needs is the appliances that enhance its functionality without compromising appeal. LG Built-in Cooktops are made to match your requirements for modern kitchen equipment. From ergonomics to durability, each cooktop brings a solution to common kitchen problems.

The 2023 Built-in Electric Hob ensures precise heat control, high durability, and child safety, making cooking a breeze. Meanwhile, the LG Gas Hob simplifies your experience with a front control panel, auto-ignition burners, and a gas burner extinction detector, removing unnecessary hassles.

Make baking a visual and functional delight with LG Built-in Ovens

In your "rush-and-cook" kitchen life, LG's built-in ovens are the solution to messy cooking aftermaths. With a spacious cooking area and a hassle-free cleaning design, these ovens ensure you can multitask with ease. The InstaView Oven with Steam & Sous-Vide lets you check your food without heat loss, a visual savior for busy cooks. Quick EasyClean™ means no more scrubbing hassles. And with the LG ThinQ™ app, check your cooking from any corner of your home. The A+ energy rating ensures efficient cooking without burdening your bills.

It’s efficient, it’s quick, it’s innovation for your convenience.

Upgrade your kitchen experience with LG Built-In Appliances - no more mess, smoke, or constant checking. Order now!

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