Catalonia, an exclusive and indulgent destination

  • Publish date: Thursday، 15 July 2021
Catalonia, an exclusive and indulgent destination

Catalonia is a small but extremely diverse and rich territory. Its flavors have not only been inherited from a thousand years of history but are also influenced by founded on the avantgarde of arts and cuisine. Roman and medieval remains come together with unparalleled architecture by the great masters from Antoni Gaudí to Norman Foster, while age-old centennial shops and craft workshops share the same neighborhoods with boutiques featuring the latest trends, luxury hotels and Michelin-starred restaurants.

Catalonia is a high-quality destination that boasts a wide range of top-level companies, specialized organizations and facilities offering unique products and exclusive services especially for the most demanding customers. As the borders of Spain and Catalonia open to the world from 7th June, travelers can visit the well-preserved World Heritage legacy declared World Heritage, they can enjoy with the world’s most exceptional events such as Formula 1, Moto Grand Prix, Barcelona Football Club matches and much more. On top of that, there are also experts ready to do any fine-tuning necessary to create exquisite experiences the clients will never forget. Catalonia has a select, exclusive and unique proposal to offer, suiting everybody, no matter their age, lifestyle or origins. Catalonia has more than 50% of its population in the region vaccinated, and in the country, close to 40% of the Spanish population is vaccinated.

In the last year and a half, the destination has come up with new tourism products and initiatives that keep safety,security and hygiene of travellerstheir priority. In light of the currentsituation,2 the tourism board has launched a new product, The Grand Tour of Catalonia. It covers 2.000 km of circular open-air itineraries that link the most iconic natural and cultural sites in the region. The itinerary covers a vast range of landscapes from the Pyrenees Mountains to the 500 km of Mediterranean coastline. The whole trip can be done in 13 days or in shorter lengths based on one’s availability. It is a perfect option for self-drives on electrical vehicles as tourists can enjoy tailor-made, slow-pace, outdoor and safe holidays in Catalonia.

Catalonia, an exclusive and indulgent destination

Grand Tour of Catalonia will provide us a fantastic opportunity to show off Catalonia, with its capital Barcelona, and the enriching experiences based on exclusive, personalized treatment, adapted to the culture and particular needs of all each high-end visitors that we offer. It is a Mediterranean destination with a millenary history, its own culture and language, a wealthy historical and natural heritage, a temperate and mild climate and a land rich in wines and fresh products from the sea and mountains. If the customer has a dream, Catalonia will make it come true.... During these unprecedented times, where the travel and tourism industry struggles to adapt its model, Catalonia is committed to a high level of safety, for everyone and everywhere in the country, together with the highest standard of services. Furthermore, Catalonia is working out an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable tourist model.

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