Clinics in Abu Dhabi to Start Doing Mental Health Check-ups

  • Publish date: Monday، 23 January 2023
Clinics in Abu Dhabi to Start Doing Mental Health Check-ups
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The publicly owned clinics in Abu Dhabi are going to conduct mental health check-ups for patients who visit them.

The purpose behind those check ups is to allow healthcare professionals to detect any stress or depression signs at an early stage.

The checkup process is going to begin with a simple checklist, such as referring patients to a nurse, doctor, or mental health specialist.

According to Dr Nahida Ahmed, chairwoman of the Mental Health Task Force, statement to the Abu Dhabi Integrated Mental Health Conference during the weekend; “When we identify them early at primary care in a mild to moderate range, we can intervene promptly and stop the disorder from becoming advanced."

She also stated that around 100 doctors received training to spot any mental health problems and 450 health officials were trained to help in preventing suicide.