Do Adolescents Disturb People's Cinema Experience in Dubai?

A netizen shared a story about two teenagers disturbing his or her cinema experience and the internet agreed.

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 19 June 2024
Do Adolescents Disturb People's Cinema Experience in Dubai?

A netizen on Reddit shared a story about a cinema experience in Dubai gone all wrong all because of two teenagers. 

Rotten pre-teens/teens in Dubai
byu/Difficult_Return_321 indubai

The netizen explained that he or she was at the cinema and watching a film, but two adolescent girls really ruined his or her experience. 

The netizen complained that these young girls were talking constantly and loudly and making rude comments, violating the rules of not talking in the theater. 

The Reddit user also complained about one of these girls coughing, which seemed to have disrupted his and her experience. 

Other Reddit users agreed with the netizen and also shared their own unhappy experiences at the cinema. 

One person wrote, "Not only were they talking loudly throughout the first half of the movie, they literally got up and started chasing each other playing tag when the movie “got boring” for them."

Some users blamed it on parenting; one user said, "Trash parents create trash children, when no proper parenting this is what happens."

This story emphasizes that adolescents need to learn to respect cinema etiquette in order for all cinema-goers to have an enjoyable experience. 

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