COVID-19 Adds Charm & Beauty to People's Faces

  • Publish date: Monday، 18 July 2022 Last update: Tuesday، 19 July 2022
COVID-19 Adds Charm & Beauty to People's Faces

Recently, the Covid-19 pandemic has imposed on us many stifling restrictions, starting with a comprehensive ban and ending with the obligation to wear face masks, and you may have often forgotten about the pandemic and started thinking about what you will look like while wearing a face mask. But in fact, it seemed completely different, as these masks added some attractiveness to the appearance of a significant number of people. Can't believe it? Well, follow this article to get convinced.

COVID-19 & People Perception

A group of researchers from Cardiff University in the United Kingdom conducted a study of 40 men that involved evaluating the impact that wearing face masks had on participants’ attractiveness, in which 43 women judged each man’s face through four scenarios: without a mask, while wearing a cloth mask, while wearing a blue medical face mask, and while holding a black book covering the area a face mask will conceal. The women rated the attractiveness on a scale of 1 to 10, and the results reported that the blue medical masks increase the attractiveness of most wearers!

Just Before the Epidemic

Let's go back in time a bit...Yes, before the pandemic. Research at the time found that medical face masks reduce attractiveness, which leads us to link the widespread use of masks and a change in our perception of attractiveness.

Is it about psychology? Yes! In our minds, the blue medical masks were associated with doctors and workers in the medical sector, so when we now see such masks, we feel safer and more protected and automatically more positive towards the wearer compared to the previous period before the epidemic, where it was believed that masks make people think about illness and the person should be avoided.

It also seems to us that the issue is not only psychological but has a real relationship to beauty and attractiveness. How? These masks have the ability to hide unwanted features in the lower part of the face, thus appearing more beautiful and attractive. So never forget to show us how cool your mask is!

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