Do Delivery Workers Eat from the Customer's Food? Yes, Some of Them Do

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Do Delivery Workers Eat from the Customer's Food? Yes, Some of Them Do
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Imagine that you work in the delivery of food orders, wouldn't it occur to you that you taste the customer's food, especially as you smell burgers, pizza slices, and delicious dishes.

8 out of 10 delivery workers admitted that they eat some of the customer's food according to a survey conducted in London where 500 delivery workers were included. Things did not stop there, but some of them had admitted that they open the parcels of customers and re-close or destroy them, or that they intentionally and deliberately do some disgusting acts with customers’ goods, so what is the reason behind this negative behavior?

These workers have good reasons to be angry with customers and act negatively, as researchers have found that many customers do not treat these workers with kindness or respect, some of them let their dogs bark in front of the delivery worker or they are simply unfriendly when they receive their goods, while some do not answer the door or provide incorrect or non-existent addresses, some of these workers also added that a few customers often accuse them of stealing things - although many admit that this happens (especially with food).

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