Kuwait to Impose a Mandatory Quarantine for All Incomers

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 16 February 2021 Last update: Thursday، 25 February 2021
Kuwait to Impose a Mandatory Quarantine for All Incomers

Kuwait announced it will be imposing a mandatory seven-day institutional quarantine for all incoming flight passengers starting Sunday, February 21.

The costs for the hotel quarantine should be taken care of by the passengers and is applicable for both Kuwaitis and foreign nationals. Meanwhile, payment will need to be made ahead of travel.

Earlier this month Kuwait introduced new rules against COVID-19 including.

  • A two-week ban on the entry of foreigners into the country from February 7, with only close relatives of Kuwaiti citizens and domestic workers exempt from the decision.
  • Commercial shops and restaurants – including malls – will also have to stay closed from 8pm to 5am, although delivery services can continue. Pharmacies and food stores are exempt from the ban.
  • Health clubs, salons, barbershops, celebration halls and tents have been ordered to close. Officials have also banned all types of gatherings, including for national holiday celebrations later this month. All sports events have also been suspended.

The restrictions will be in place for one month starting February 7, subject to re-evaluation.

Image Source: Instagram