Do You Know How To Play Mahzooz Draw? A Ticket To Instant Millionaire

  • Publish date: Friday، 18 February 2022
Do You Know How To Play Mahzooz Draw? A Ticket To Instant Millionaire

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Dreaming to win a lottery is something we all share, just in the blink of an eye, and like a dream, your life would drastically change. Mahzooz, known as Emirates loto before, is the golden bridge to a rich life in UAE. Today we introduce you to Mahzooz, with our extensive guide on how you can flip your life around if you win after you participate in this lottery.

What is Mahzooz? 

Mahzooz is the lottery for UAE, with weekly winners; if you have luck, you win.

  • The draw is every Saturday at 9 PM.
  • Mahzooz ticket costs 35 AED, a water bottle, and every purchase is donated for a humanitarian cause.

Why is the lottery not banned in the UAE?

As a Muslim nation, UAE is built around Islamic laws, and gambling is banned; however, the development of the country laws allowed regulated lottery, Lotteries, and tournaments throughout the UAE by companies and operators.

How do you win Mahzooz?

If you get six consecutive matches, you will win the jackpot for Mahzooz. There are 49 numbers in the draw, and you need six matching numbers to win. If the numbers match your tickets' number, you will win the big prize.

Mahzooz draw

How much is the grand prize with Mahzooz?

The grand prize of Mahzooz is 50 million Dirhams for six numbers matching; however, if more than one person has the same number combination that is a winner, the reward will be divided equally between them.

How much can you win?

You win when the numbers match the numbers drawn weekly:

The draw Match five numbers out of 5 Match 4 numbers out of 5 Match 3 out of 5 
Prizes 10 Million Aed 1 Million Aed 350 Aed

You win when your numbers match the numbers drawn in the weekly draw. Here's an overview of the categories.

Earlier, the grand winners were those who had six matched numbers. However, to enhance the chances of winning, five matched numbers can now yield the top price.

What are the qualifications of entry for Mahzooz? 

So since Mahzooz is legal, it is safe to say that it follows the regulations of UAE and the laws; this is the list of qualifications for entering Mahzooz:

  • You can enter such draws without going against your own country's laws.
  • Any participant from a sanctioned or embargoed country cannot join.
  • Any participant is a manager or a subordinate of the manager or a shareholder of Mahzooz.
  • You must not be an insurance representative, draw manager, or governmental representative.
  • You cannot be a third-party consultant or a contractor employed by the manager working on getting access to insurance, auditing processes related to the draw or security, or even a relative for such a person.

How to enter Mahzooz draw online?

We will introduce quick steps to make things easy for you to enter the Dubai raffle draw of Mahzooz:

  • Visit the main website Mahzooz.ae
  • Either log in to your account or create an account with your personal information.
  • Enter in your account, then click the play button on the top left section of the page.
  • Select your six lucky numbers per ticket; note that you can only buy 300 entries for each draw (you need six digits to qualify for the draw).
  • Pay using credit or debit card 35 Aeds per ticket.

How do you play Mahzooz in a kiosk?

To make an entry in a Kiosk, do the following:

  • Select the Mahzooz icon on the screen,
  • Choose the language.
  • Choose if you are new or existing.
  • Give your mobile number and press confirm after verifying your number.
  • If you choose a new customer, you need to provide personal details, hit submit, and press the one-time password you will receive on your mobile device.
  • Once you enter the code, you will see a confirmation message.
  • Proceed to add credits.
  • Select the number of products you wish to purchase.
  • Pick five numbers for each ticket.
  • Select the raffle date you want to join.
  • Hit check out.
  • You will get an email reflecting your purchase invoice.

Where can you see the results of the draw?

You can watch the draw on their Facebook page every Saturday at 9 pm, and they also announce it on their official websites; you can also rewatch the previous draws and get to know previous winners.


Is Mahzooz a legit service?

Yes, it is a legit registered service; it is the same as Emirates loto but rebranded into a new name called Mahzooz.

Does Mahzooz have a mobile app?

yes, there is an app for Mahzooz:

How to claim your prize of Mahzooz draw?

So you won! Let us for a moment imagine that you did indeed win, breathtaking, right? A millionaire in a second! But how do you claim your prize?

  • First, log in to your account. 
  • Select balance.
  • Select Transfer/Withdraw.
  • You can withdraw by selecting the Withdrawing method, filling in all the information, and receiving a confirmation email or SMS on your phone. Pay attention if you do not withdraw within 90 days; all of your winnings will be transferred to the credit balance; any withdrawal lower than 300 dirhams, you will be charged 10 dirhams for transactions.
  • You can buy a credit balance by transferring all winnings, but you cannot refund! So watch out for what you choose.
  • No foreign bank can receive any payment larger than 300 dirhams from Mahzooz.

Do You Know How To Play Mahzooz Draw? A Ticket To Instant Millionaire

Is there a tax on the Mahzooz lottery in Dubai?

UAE is a tax-free country; however, we recommend you see a specialized well-known, trusted lawyer to ensure that everything is going smoothly. In addition, if you are an ex-pat, other laws might apply to you depending on your country.

Participate in the draw, and let us watch it might be you next who becomes a millionaire! Check out stories for an Indian man with 10 million Dhs and a Dubai driver who won 50 million! Crazy, right?! check out more stories on Uaemoments ... life is all but about the moments.

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