Dubai’s Beaches Warning Flags: What Does Each Color Mean?

  • Publish date: Sunday، 05 June 2022
Dubai’s Beaches Warning Flags: What Does Each Color Mean?

With the beginning of summer, many people living in Dubai will be heading to the beaches to enjoy the sea and many outdoor activities. When arriving at any of Dubai’s beaches, you’ll defiantly find colored flag-waving, and they come in 3 Colors. What is the meaning of each color? Find out in this article.

The Meaning of The Colored Flags on Dubai’s Beaches

To ensure the safety of Dubai’s visitors, and according to Dubai Municipality, three warning flags are installed on Dubai beaches as a clear guide to swimmers about the state of the sea and the possibility of swimming or not because of the weather. Here is a list that includes the meaning of each color:

Red Flag 

The red flag indicates a high danger. It's raised to inform visitors that the sea is too unsafe to swim in, for example horrible weather conditions. 

Yellow Flag

The Yellow Flag indicates a medium risk, and when it is raised you must swim with caution.  

Purple Flag

The purple flag indicates the presence of harmful marine organisms in seawater, which must be guarded against.

Residents are advised not to ignore these signs for their safety. For more articles, visit UAE Moments.

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