Dubai Authorities Warn Against Hacking Attempts Through WhatsApp

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 03 October 2023
Dubai Authorities Warn Against Hacking Attempts Through WhatsApp

The UAE government has warned residents against clicking on unfamiliar links that are often shared on WhatsApp, SMS, and social media. This warning is part of an ongoing campaign to raise cybersecurity awareness and protect people from online threats.

The UAE Cyber Security Council, which oversees cybersecurity in the UAE, reiterated its warning against clicking on unfamiliar links in a post on the popular social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter). The council emphasized the need to be cautious when receiving unsolicited messages that urge users to join groups or click on unknown links.

“Users are advised to exercise caution, refrain from clicking on any unfamiliar links, and verify the authenticity of messages with the senders before taking any action,” the post read.

These links can lead users to dangerous websites, download malware to their devices, or expose them to other online threats. In some cases, hackers can even gain access to victims' accounts and contact lists, which they can then use for further illegal activities.

This announcement highlights the growing problem of online scams, phishing attempts, and other cyber threats that aim to steal users' personal information and compromise their digital security.

The UAE government is committed to protecting its residents and ensuring that they are aware of the potential risks in the digital world.

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