Dubai's Ripe Market Is Now a Ramadan Bazaar

  • Publish date: Thursday، 15 April 2021
Dubai's Ripe Market Is Now a Ramadan Bazaar

In case you wanted to visit Dubai’s Ripe Market but never got the chance, you still can as Dubai’s Ripe Market is still running in Ramadan but with a twist.

Dubai’s Ripe Market, that is located in Umm Sequim, is transforming into a Ramadan bazaar it is held every weekend from Friday April 16 until May Saturday 8 between 4pm and 10pm you'll be able to browse the range of cool souvenir stalls for local treasures, artifacts and trinkets with live music playing in the background.

You can also find plenty of fresh food stalls and food trucks serving up tasty local treats as well as international dishes, perfect for breaking your fast.

And, of course with Dubai’s Ripe Market having a lot of activities it could never forget kids as kids can enjoy the enormous bouncy castle or settle down to watch a movie at the outdoor cinema.

Ripe Market at Academy Park | Visit Dubai

Also, a traditional henna artist will be on hand for those who always wanted to get tattooed, while little ones can listen to a storyteller read Ramadan stories and also play games.

Dubai’s Ripe Market which is now  Ramadan Bazaar includes more activities and fun things to do!

Image Source: Time Out Dubai