Canada to Print a Warning on Every Cigarette

  • Publish date: Sunday، 12 June 2022
Canada to Print a Warning on Every Cigarette

After much effort in educating smokers about the serious danger of smoking to their health, including printed warnings on cigarette packages, the Canadian government believes that it has not been effective enough to stop them from smoking. Therefore, the government proposes printing a warning on every cigarette. This proposal came after an official statistic showed that smoking caused the death of about 48,000 Canadians annually.

It is noteworthy that Canada is the first in the world to take this step, and the government expects the changes to take effect in the latter half of 2023, hoping that the smoker will remember the danger posed by smoking in every puff. Canada hopes to spread the idea and apply it on an international level, just as the warnings on the packages did.

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