Dubai Crown Prince Shares Pofak Snack Photo

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 31 May 2023
Dubai Crown Prince Shares Pofak Snack Photo

The Dubai Crown Prince has posted an Instagram story that has made the UAE residents feel nostalgic. The Crown Prince shared a story of a packet of Pofak, which is a soft cheese-flavoured chips loved by many. The image features 'Dubai Pofak' chips and a hot sauce.

The story brought back some nostalgic memories for the UAE residents enjoying their beloved snack.

Dubai Crown Prince Shares Pofak Snack Photo

Here are some other snacks that take UAE residents back to their school days:

1. Areej juice

Areej juice stirs up emotions and strengthens the childhood connections formed during lunch breaks among Dubai kids. This well-known brand has successfully captured the affection people’s hearts in the UAE throughout different generations.

2. Safari chocolate bar

Over time, the availability of these chocolate bars with green camouflage-colored wrappers gradually disappeared on store shelves. For many individuals visiting supermarkets, their eyes eagerly search for the beloved Safari chocolate bar from their childhood.

3. Oman Chips

Back in the day, no picnic or outing was complete without Oman chips and Salad chips. These snacks were must-have stuff during outdoor day trips, adding an extra level of enjoyment to the experience.

4. Laban Up

Can you recall the days when refrigerators would be filled with those lovely blue-colored beverage packs? The irresistible taste was always a refreshing treat after school in the hot weather.

5. Prince biscuits

Discovering a packet of these biscuits in our lunch boxes was always a delightful and cherished surprise. The chocolate biscuits have undeniably created lasting memories, connecting us to the precious moments of our youth.

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