Dubai Named as The Best City Brand in the Middle East and Africa

  • Publish date: Sunday، 21 May 2023
Dubai Named as The Best City Brand in the Middle East and Africa

According to a Brand Finance Report, Dubai has secured the top spot in the Middle East and Africa, ranking 9th worldwide regarding the best city brands.

In its inaugural City Index report, Brand Finance added that the Emirate got an overall score of 75.8 out of 100.

Dubai has also shown an outstanding performance across several businesses and investment parameters, thanks to its advantageous status as a tourism and commercial hub of the Middle East.

According to the recently released report, Dubai topped the list as the first in terms of future growth potential, second in maintaining stable & steady economic status and third, just behind New York and London, as a globally significant city.

The Emirate’s economy was able to revive its full strength from the coronavirus's heavy impact. In addition, the emirate's GDP has experienced strong growth, thanks to the recovery in the travel, tourism, and retail sectors.

Its economy increased by 4.6 percent on a yearly basis in the first nine months of 2022, with retail trade accounting for 24.1 percent of its GDP, according to data from the emirate's statistics centre.

Dubai also regained its position as a top destination globally for attracting greenfield foreign direct investment projects in 2022 for the second following year.

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