Explorer Rashid Is Waiting for the Green Light to Set out for the Moon

  • Publish date: Monday، 14 November 2022
Explorer Rashid Is Waiting for the Green Light to Set out for the Moon

The Director of the Emirates Moon Exploration Project “Explorer Rashid” revealed that the main mission of the Explorer on the moon's surface will take one lunar day (equivalent to 14.5 Earth days), noting that the mission, if successful, will be the first in the UAE and the Arab world, and the fourth globally.

He added the launch date of the Explorer will be any day after the 22nd of this month, and before the beginning of next December.

He explained that the launch of the Explorer Rashid is preceded by other tasks observed in the schedule in the launch area; in addition, the weather conditions greatly affect the delay in the launch, and therefore the date cannot be determined, except after setting the date for the other tasks.

He stated that the Explorer includes unique devices used for the first time in the process of exploring the surface of the moon, and the mission was designed and completed in the form of the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center team, who is 100% Emirati, noting that the percentage of female engineers and employees in the center reaches 40%, and they played a key role in the achievement of the explorer.

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