A Look Into The Largest Library in the Arab World in Dubai

  • Publish date: Friday، 27 May 2022 Last update: Sunday، 29 May 2022
A Look Into The Largest Library in the Arab World in Dubai

The Mohammed Bin Rashid Library, the biggest library in the Arab world will be opening its doors this year.

The library is located in Al Jaddaf and boasts a modern structure. It has been designed to resemble an open book sitting on a rehl (a traditional lectern which holds the Quran.)

The library  has 54,000 square metre space and makes up seven floors.

Mohammed Bin Rashid Library official Instagram shared a glimpse of the anticipated library.

You can expect 9 specialised libraries inside the space ‘where you can enjoy reading and nurture your creativity.’

There will be a general library space, a young adults library, a (colourful) children’s library, a library dedicated to maps and atlases, a media and art library, a business library, an Emirates library, a periodicals library and one titled ‘Treasure of the Library’.

Of course, like all destinations in Dubai, the library will offer smart and digital services and will be one of the most technologically advanced libraries in the world. You find smart robots, augmented and virtual reality and more.

A futuristic, unique book delivery system can also be seen delivering a book to a reader.

There will also be theatres and several spaces for events, activities, education and cultural festivals and exhibitions.

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