Expo 2020 Tickets Will Be Affordable & Accessible To all

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 18 May 2021 Last update: Tuesday، 14 September 2021
Expo 2020 Tickets Will Be Affordable & Accessible To all

As we are getting closer to have Expo 2020 open to the public after its cancellation due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The question now is, how can we get tickets if we are willing to visit? and how much will they cost?

It has been announced that tickets can be bought directly from the Expo 2020 website, through the mobile app or through agents starting mid-July.


  • A single-day entry costing AED 95.

  • A six-month pass will be priced at AED 495.

  • A multi-entry month-long pass is also available for AED 195.

'People of determination' and under-18s will enter free, with their carer or person accompanying them getting a 50% discount.

“To say that we are well vaccinated as a country makes my job very, very easy. Dubai has again opened as a destination, thanks to the agility of our leadership to evolve from this crisis,” Nagdev added.

He also added stating that Expo 2020 Dubai is not out of tune with what is happening around the world, referring to the devastating second wave of Covid in some countries and the loss of lives and hardships people have suffered as a result.

Since the decision to postpone the Expo last year, Nagdev said most of the event's messaging is focused on safety measures. “When we temporarily opened the Sustainability pavilion to domestic audiences and received 100,000 visitors from all walks of life, safety was our top priority.”

In light of Covid-19 and the precautionary measures organization made that that  there were thermal scanners, sanitizers, volunteers to ensure social distancing, and signage.

Image Source: Reuters