Free Expo 2020 Dubai Tickets for UAE Students

  • Publish date: Sunday، 05 September 2021 Last update: Monday، 13 September 2021
Free Expo 2020 Dubai Tickets for UAE Students

The Expo School Programme booking system is now open to public and private schools throughout the country where students get the chance to experience four curated educational journeys of Expo 2020 Dubai for free.

The four journeys – Legacy of the UAE, World of Opportunities, Sustainable Planet and Universe in Motion – take place across Expo’s three vibrant Thematic Districts (Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability), as well as through various pavilions celebrating the legacy and future of the UAE.

Reservations, made on the booking system, include entry to Expo 2020, express entry into thematic pavilions, as well as an identification band for students.

Expo will also grant complimentary access for accompanying adults, with different ratios, depending on the age group of the students.

Alya Al-Ali, Vice President, Expo School Programme, Expo 2020 Dubai, said: "Today’s young learners are key in building a better future. It is imperative that we empower them with the skills of the future, and engage them in conversations that will make a difference.

"Each of our four journeys offers students a meaningful, educational and fun experience. We aim to inspire them in an immersive and engaging environment where they can explore key drivers of future progress and discover the latest technologies and ideas being showcased across 200-plus pavilions. We encourage every school in the UAE to make the most of these free, fascinating learning opportunities at Expo 2020."