Rising Asian Feminism: Battling Patriarchy and Stereotypes

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Rising Asian Feminism: Battling Patriarchy and Stereotypes

For generations, we have seen feminism getting linked with the regions of Western Europe and North America. At the same time, the Middle East and Asian countries have always been considered synonyms of patriarchy.  When one thinks of Asian women in the West, a natural image of a traditional housewife pops into their mind. However, it is essential to emphasize that times are changing, and women in the East are beating patriarchy and erasing the old-rooted stereotypes by climbing to the same heights as men, sometimes even higher. It is becoming common to observe women filling the positions of doctors, professors, social reformers, authors and many other careers that enlighten life. Unfortunately, most women in these fields do not get the platform to make their work known to the world due to the rising competition in every industry. This article digs into the lives of a few Asian women who may not be globally famous, but their works inspire feminism and challenge the West to change its perspective. 

Professor Zainab Ansari 

Rising Asian Feminism: Battling Patriarchy and Stereotypes

Belonging to Oman, Professor Zainab Ansari is one of the leading examples of women empowerment due to her creative mind that she utilized being a professor, writer and Instagram poet. Born and brought up in Oman, she has understood and embraced the transformation of the education system that the Late Sultan Qaboos laid. Her heart believes in imparting creativity to the world through her influential writings related to her religion Islam and the teachings of the holy Quran. She is a third-generation woman from her family who has spread her presence by radiating knowledge through her anthologies and articles. You can learn more about this ambitious soul by checking her Instagram Profile @whitepurplezainu, which contains links to her extraordinary writings. 

Professor Shinju Mahajan 

Rising Asian Feminism: Battling Patriarchy and Stereotypes

Professor Shinju Mahajan has been an experienced and innovative professor at the National Institute of Fashion Technology in Delhi, India, for 27 years. Her dedication and hard work in fashion design are outstanding, as she motivates her students to work harder. She relishes delivering her wisdom to her students by leaving no stone unturned to transform them into accomplished designers and leading CEOs through her delightful style of teaching. She is one of the energetic professors who loves traveling globally for work ventures, with her recent one being in New Zealand to innovate the 35th Annual Report by the NIFT Department. 

Savita Malhotra

Rising Asian Feminism: Battling Patriarchy and Stereotypes

Savita Malhotra  is an aspiring social reformer hailing from New Delhi, India. She volunteers for the Lioness social club at Patel Nagar (a residential area of ​​New Delhi). This charitable organization seeks to work together to answer the needs of challenged communities like orphanages, old-age homes, asylums and the poor in the district of Delhi. Not only a volunteer, but Savita Malhotra’s deep passion also made her the club’s Goodwill Ambassador and Champion Human Being. Apart from being generous, she is skilled at organizing large donations for club projects. She is the only Lioness who ensures that each member stays thoroughly connected with the club’s goals through her dedication to hosting meetings. This year, she was honored as the Vice President of the Council, signifying her role in empowering the people around her. 


Rising Asian Feminism: Battling Patriarchy and Stereotypes

Sudha Narayana Murthy is a motivational Indian figure who is an educator, author and successful philanthropist. She has written over 30 books in various genres. Although her books are primarily in the Kannada language, they have been translated into English and many other languages. Some of her books are based on her life, depicting her as a simple and traditional woman despite being the wife of the world-renowned Infosys founder, Narayana Murthy. She has worked hard all her life against gender inequality, discrimination and promoting education reform. Her unique and heartwarming personality made her bag the prestigious Indian civilian award by the Government in 2006.


Rising Asian Feminism: Battling Patriarchy and Stereotypes

Arti Chhabra is one of the leading influential role models for feminism in Qatar, being the Vice-President of Indian Women’s Association in Doha , a renowned charitable organization serving to promote women’s education and increase job opportunities for women in the work sphere. She is a charismatic figure influencing love and kindness. She strongly believes in women being bold and makes herself responsible for creating equality by battling patriarchy.


Every year, women are climbing the stairs to success and popularity. This article focuses on these Asian women who might not be well-known but deserve to be recognized for their constant struggles in achieving their goals and introducing a positive change in society. We must think of ways to provide platforms to all the aspiring women around us working hard day and night to be striking examples of feminism. 

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