Google Doodle Celebrates Popular South Asian Snack Pani Puri

  • Publish date: Thursday، 13 July 2023
Google Doodle Celebrates Popular South Asian Snack Pani Puri

Google Doodle launched an interactive doodle game on Wednesday, Jul. 12 that celebrates the popular South Asian snack pani puri.

Pani puri, also known as gol gappa and by many other names, is a beloved street food in the Indian subcontinent.

The snack consists of a mini-sized crisp and hollow deep-fried flatbread that is filled with potatoes, chickpeas, chaat masala, and tangy sauces including tamarind sauce and mint chutney.

Google launched the Doodle game on Jul. 12 because, on the same day in 2015, a restaurant in Indore, Madhya Pradesh made a World Record for serving the most flavors of pani puri, which included 51 options. 

The game includes the player helping a street vendor serve pani puri orders to his customers. The player has to match the puri with the flavor that the customer has ordered. 

If you are a pani puri lover, then head over to the Google website and click on the Doodle displayed above the search bar to enjoy this fun game to your heart's content!

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