Floods in Sydney and Residents Are Being Called to Leave Their Homes

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 05 July 2022
Floods in Sydney and Residents Are Being Called to Leave Their Homes

Heavy rain continued to hit Australia's east coast on Tuesday, adding to the severity of flooding in Sydney as thousands more residents were ordered to leave their homes overnight after rivers quickly rose above danger levels.

New South Wales Minister of Emergency Management, Steve Cook said about 50,000 state residents, mostly in Sydney's western suburbs, had either been asked to evacuate or had been warned that they might be ordered to evacuate, up from 30,000 on Monday.

Cook told local television that the latest batch of strong storms in Sydney is likely to subside on Tuesday, but the risk of flooding may remain during the week, given that most rivers were already at their highest levels even before the last storm.

"We are not out of the crisis yet," Cook said.

Late Monday, the federal government declared the floods a natural disaster, helping residents of affected areas obtain emergency financial support.

In footage on social media, roads and bridges were flooded, while emergency teams worked to rescue stranded people from partially submerged vehicles that became stuck in the rising water.

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