UAE Residents to Experience Cosmic Phenomenon on May 19th

  • Publish date: Thursday، 18 May 2023
UAE Residents to Experience Cosmic Phenomenon on May 19th
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Residents of the UAE are in for a heavenly treat this Friday since they will have another chance to see the breathtaking grandeur of the sky.

On May 19th, after 6:45pm, the crescent moon in Dubai will be illuminated by the eagerly anticipated "Da Vinci glow" phenomenon, which is named after the artist and inventor Leonardo Da Vinci. 

This event is even more spectacular because it can be seen with the naked eye, allowing residents to fully appreciate the crescent moon's alluring radiance embellished with the "Da Vinci glow."

The phenomenon called Earthshine, or "Da Vinci Glow," occurs when sunlight is reflected off Earth onto the moon's surface. That light is then reflected back to Earth, allowing us to see darkened portions of the moon. 

According to NASA, Da Vinci set out to unravel the mystery of that eerie radiance in the 16th century.

In his notebooks, he produced a drawing that seemed to depict the phenomenon; this drawing is remembered in the "Codex Leicester," a collection of Da Vinci's scientific writings.