Beware! Don't post holiday photos lest thieves target your home

  • Publish date: Monday، 16 July 2018 Last update: Thursday، 25 February 2021
Beware! Don't post holiday photos lest thieves target your home

Residents going on holiday for the summer have been warned not to share their travel plans on social media or risk their homes being targeted by thieves while they are away.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation and Abu Dhabi Police urged citizens and residents to take preventive measures during the travel season as part of their latest safety campaign called “Safe travel”.

Abu Dhabi Police said those travelling abroad for long holidays should avoid posting information or photos while on holiday lest criminals target their homes.

The campaign offers travellers tips to ensure their safety and protect their property from theft or misuse while they are away.

Rashid Al Dhaheri, director of National Affairs Department at the ministry, called on citizens to follow the travel guidelines and tips, and to stay updated on travel warnings issued on the ministry’s website .

He urged travellers to register for the Twajudi service either on the ministry’s website or on the smart application so they can be contacted by the ministry in case of emergency during their travels.

Travellers are also advised to check their passports expiry date, respect the general laws of the host country, and co-operate with the authorities upon arrival at the country's airport.

In the event of an emergency while travelling, citizens are advised to contact the ministry, the UAE missions abroad or call +971 800 44444.

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