Immerse Yourself in a World of Breathtaking Cinema with LG QNED TV

Experience the future of true cinematic brilliance in your home with superior features, crafted as per your preference, by LG.

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 29 November 2023
Immerse Yourself in a World of Breathtaking Cinema with LG QNED TV

Dubai - November 2023 - Every time you come back from a thrilling, seat-grabbing, visually moving cinematic experience in a theatre, you can feel a sense of lingering rush - That's what a brilliant audiovisual experience offers you. But what if you get all of this from the comfort of your home? That's correct. LG brings forth an innovation that will transform your living room into a portal to immersive cinema.

Presenting LG QNED TV to elevate your home cinema experience beyond imagination

Equipped with Quantum Dot NanoCell Mini LED, this LG Smart TV is a technological masterpiece to delivers an unparalleled viewing experience. Imagine ultra-vivid imagery tailored to your preferences, all made possible by the seamless integration of Precision Dimming, Ultra Contrast, and advanced deep-learning algorithms. It's not just a TV; it's your passport to a viewing experience with razor-sharp visuals that are 64 times better than the quality you're used to.

Feel the pulse of every beat, blast, and dialogue through excellent sound features

You can't call it an LG innovation if it doesn't revamp your viewing experience far beyond the expected. The LG QNED TV comes with LG Soundbars that create a seamless and harmonious interaction with your screen to deliver uninterrupted entertainment to your home. Plus, the embedded WOW Interface ensures a personalized audio experience. Connect your LG Soundbar to your LG TV, and voila – it smartly switches to Sound Bar sound mode. Your Soundbar settings adapt to give you the best audio experience. That's what LG offers - every feature complements your life.

Bring the theatre experience to your living room with advanced tech capabilities

The smartness of the LG QNED TV lies beyond the audio and visual experience. Integrated with ThinQ AI and webOS, the TV makes it convenient for you to use without letting go of your comfort. What's even more wonderful is that you get your own recommendations based on the keywords you enter, and the voice commands you give with AI Concierge. It's like watching TV, but more effortless. Whether it's the Multi-View mode or the AI picture wizard, every aspect of the TV is created keeping your true cinematic experience in mind.

Get ready to elevate your viewing, enhance your listening, and embrace the future of entertainment with LG QNED TV. Revolutionize the way you consume entertainment by getting it from your nearest retail outlets or online platforms.

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