What Makes LG Dryers The Best Purchase For Winter?

  • Publish date: Sunday، 14 November 2021
What Makes LG Dryers The Best Purchase For Winter?
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Modern life is very fast-paced and owning a dryer at home does provide amazing benefits, instead of waiting days for clothes to dry on the balcony, especially during winter time it is such a hassle and a constrain, also the clean laundry could be exposed to dust and dirt that can be found in the air. 

Using a dryer can be very time-saving and effort-saving as well, instead of waiting around and doing things in steps, with LG dryers you can enjoy drying clean clothes quickly without a lot of effort.  

Today we will share with you 6 reasons why LG dryers are a smart investment for winter. 

A design that fits all rooms 

LG dryers do not require any external ventilation as they were designed to fit all spaces, so if you live in a small apartment worry not about having somewhere to put the dryer in, with its’ design the dryer can fit in the Balcony, bathroom, or living room. 

LG dryers

Fast and efficient drying no matter the weather  

Air drying laundry gets affected by the weather, especially in winter, it can take a long time to fully dry your clothes, and they might be exposed to dust, odors, and smog particles which might cause sensitivity for some individuals, also sun exposure might lead to slight clothes color fading. 

LG dryers however are equipped with Sensor Dry technology that sensors the level of humidity and optimizes the drying time needed for the laundry load automatically, one round, and your clothes will be ready for use! 

An interior design built for durability  

LG dryers have got a drum made out of stainless steel for better durability than the regular plastic drums, they also have got heat resistant properties that hold out during the drying process very well. 

This durable interior ensures the safety of using the dryer for multiple loads per day without the fear of the machine not being able to handle operating for a long time because of the heat or the heavyweight of the load as long as it is within the allowed weight limit. 

Your clothes dried but with less than half the time it needs manually! 

LG dryer

No more ironing 

Fret over ironing no more! LG dryers have got ™TrueSteam technology that produces the best results as it reduces wrinkles while drying and creates steam to remove all particles and allergens from the laundry load inside it, therefor most of the time ironing clothes is not needed after drying them which makes it very convenient for those who lead a very fast-paced lifestyle and do not have enough time for drying clothes and getting cramps in their arms because of ironing clothes for hours to make them neat enough and wearable.  

What Makes LG Dryers The Best Purchase For Winter?

Smart features for a smart life 

With the Smart Diagnosis™ feature, LG dryers can give out information about the pattern you follow and products you use while drying loads frequently, it can also troubleshoot any problem you might face or you should send for maintenance. 

Invest to save on the long term 

You can get one of the LG dryers that has Inverter Technology powered by an inverter compressor, which means that your dryer will perform amazingly without using a lot of energy, cutting costs on your electricity bills by choosing a power-saving dryer. 

LG drying machine

Where to Buy LG Dryers in UAE?  

There are many places in UAE where you can get LG Dryers with the best prices such as:  

LG Dryers are an amazing investment for the upcoming winter, especially in November where many sales are coming up as well as white Friday coming near the corner, with a dryer it is your life but a little bit easier! No more worrying about ironing your clothes or drying them before heading out to work or going out for a special event. 

Visit LG United Arab Emirates’ main website to learn more about all the latest machines and technologies LG has got to offer to improve the quality of your living.