Drying Clothes Is Easier With The Best Washing & Drying Machine

  • Publish date: Sunday، 24 October 2021
Drying Clothes Is Easier With The Best Washing & Drying Machine
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Were you ever annoyed that you had to wait for days so your clothes dry after washing them especially in the winter when it is extremely cold and there's a lot of humidity in the air, well you can say goodbye to that problem because LG has now found a solution for that with its washer dryer washing machines that are occupied with the best features that makes it easy for you to just wash your clothes and dry them at the same time, it is worthy of investing in one for the next winter, end today and UAEmoments we will introduce you one of the best washing machines ever. 

2 in 1 wash and dry 

LG Washer dryers Are outstanding because think about it the ability to wash and dry in one machine is no longer a fantasy but an actual thing that LG washing Drying machines made come true! this leading technology is very beneficial. 

  • Living in a small house? no worries you do not have to compromise in having machines that make your life easier LG washer dryers are like two machines in one save in space for you. 
  • LG washer dryers 2 machines in 1 without compromising quality, it has got one of the most leading features in the world that makes washing your clothes easier as well as drying them efficiently.
  • Available in both Standalone LG washing machines as well as Twin wash LG washing machines depending on what you like and prefer to buy for your needs. 

 lg washer dryer

Say goodbye to allergies  

LG washer and dryer machines feature the amazing steam technology where washing your clothes can actually remove 99.9% of allergens stuck to them, Which means that they are perfect for people with allergies as well as cleaning baby clothes as usually, you want the best hygiene for your kids especially when they are still infants everything affects them. 

Super Technology For Better Health. 

Lg washing machine 

Washing machines from the future occupied with AI technology  

The future is now here with the latest LG technology after all it took 20 years of research and development for the company to finally reach this amazing technology which is AI DD™. 

This breath-taking technology can do what people thought was impossible once, which is detect the weight of the fabric and the softness of its’ feeling, then choose the best settings to wash it, which results in 18% less damage after washing clothes, making your clothes last longer. 

Not only that, this washing machine has got deep learning abilities since its AI-powered, which means that this machine through depending on 20,000 data points can automatically detect what wash cycle the LG washer dryer should use in order to have the best results. 

Want to know what is even cooler? If you have more than one clothing type inside the load, for example, hats and pants then the motion of the cycle, temperatures, and the timing will be optimized to give you the best results! 

lg washing drying  

Connect to your washing drying machine from anywhere 

With LG ThinQ, you can sync up and connect with your machine and operate that machine from a distance! Crazy right? But it is possible with this smart App, you can even track how much energy your Machine has used, and even monitor everything that is going on from anywhere and during any time you feel like it, easily through the tips of your fingers and your smartphone. 

lg thinQ 

Where to Buy LG Washer-Dryers in UAE? 

There are many places in UAE where you can get LG Washer Dryer machines today with the best prices such as: 

With LG Washer Dryers you do not have to worry about dealing with washing different fabrics and load sizes and then having to dry them after that, LG Washer Dryers are more than capable of making your life easier taking care of all of that, Visit LG United Arab Emirates main website to learn more about all the high-quality items LG has got to feature and upgrade your life. A better technology, a top-tier quality, and amazing designs only for your comfort with LG.