Best Middle Eastern Restaurants in The UAE

  • Publish date: Monday، 28 June 2021 Last update: Saturday، 30 October 2021
Best Middle Eastern Restaurants in The UAE

Sometimes you do not need to travel to experience great foodDubai offers some of the best middle eastern restaurants with the best experience from different middle eastern countries, if you would like to experience it for yourself here is a list.

Sultan Saray

If you want to visit Turkey, then this one is for you with its authentic, homely Turkish spot, nestled just off Sheikh Zayed Road, serves up a wide variety of mezze, kebabs, and tempting desserts. For dinner and a show go for the Kwag al-Sultan, to which servers apply the final fiery touches tableside. 

Al Fanar Seafood Market

If you would like a taste of the UAE traditional food then this traditional Emirati restaurant brand was set up in Dubai in 2011 and if you’re looking for tasty, authentic food showcasing the UAE’s history, you’ve come to the right place. Recipes passed down include sea bass machboos and classic dessert luqaimat. Al Fanar’s Al Barsha branch specializes in seafood dishes and the setting.



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This restaurant offers flavors ranging from Morocco, Iran, Iraq, and Turkey with a range of Arabic and North African favorites and signature sharing-style dishes include mixed grills, fattoush salad, and almond kunafa.



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Asil is noble in Turkish, brings a taste of Morocco, Turkey, and Lebanon to the sandy shores of JBR. Tuck into a wide range of dishes from the region including Turkish street food and hot and cold mezze, all of which come served sharing-style.



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If you love meat then you will need to check out Baba as it is known for its Turkish charm with plenty of Anatolian dishes and tasty steaks. The Turkish meatballs are robust and fragrant and there’s plenty of Middle Eastern dips to pair with puffy, warm bread. 

Sah El Nom

Want to go to Syria? Head to Sah El Noom, which offers up a range of traditional Syrian dishes. All are classics elevated to high standards but don’t miss the cheese and ouzi lamb chops, they’re excellent. As is the sujuk roll – a crispy, meaty, spicy bite of Arabic bread stuffed with sujuk.

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