INTERNATIONAL YOGA DAY: Spiritualityy In A City That Never Sleeps

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INTERNATIONAL YOGA DAY: Spirituality In A City That Never Sleeps

International Yoga Day was observed on 21st June 2023, one of the central and significant events in Times Square, New York City. It was the city’s 21st annual event. This event observed hundreds of people flocking to one of the busiest cosmopolitan areas of New York to practice yogic breathing and meditation along with humming the spiritual Om chanting. This year’s International Yoga Day theme was “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam,” which means “the world is a family.” The significance of the theme resembles the core meaning of Yoga, whose Sanskrit equivalent highlights unity and a bond of connection between all living beings. It had been a spectacular sight to see everyone from different age groups, castes, religions and cultural backgrounds that came with their yoga mats to Time Squares to immerse themselves in this therapeutic practice. 


INTERNATIONAL YOGA DAY: Spiritualityy In A City That Never Sleeps

International Yoga Day had also been marked as the celebration of the Summer Solstice in New York. To commemorate their gratitude to the universe for blessing everyone, the people organized a full day of free yoga sessions at the crossroads of Times Square, inviting everyone to embrace its positivity. It is interesting to note how this event occurred between pedestrian and wheeled traffic in the heart of liveliness. The energy in Times Square was mesmerizing as one observed the certified yoga instructors engaging all the enthusiastic yogis in the exercises. It was a common sight to witness people bringing their pets to the yoga sessions as they believed they could spiritually connect with them through the miracles of yoga. Watching people engaging in mindfulness and meditation techniques in a city popularly known to never sleep has been fantastic. 


INTERNATIONAL YOGA DAY: Spiritualityy In A City That Never Sleeps

The beauty of yoga sessions at Times Square has been unmatched due to various styles and forms like Vinyasa, Hatha and Restorative. Each session had been known to last for an hour, incorporating all the techniques unique to each type of yoga. Popular instructors led this event, including Douglas Stewart, co-founder of Yoga in Times Square and Neeti Narula, a Yoga Journal contributor. All participants were encouraged to bring water bottles, yoga mats, and some fruits like apples to munch on during breaks. This initiative has been inspired to prevent people from searching for fast food options when they feel hungry. 


INTERNATIONAL YOGA DAY: Spiritualityy In A City That Never Sleeps

The highlight of International Yoga Day at Times Square was promoting and cultivating spirituality, where everyone was taught techniques to raise their spirits and those of others around them. The importance of generosity had been motivated during this event, and the hazards of the Ego explained to the audience that lead to destruction in relationships. Overall, the event is a significant landmark in history as it empowers the importance of yoga in the Western world.

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