Most Affordable Areas to Rent in Dubai

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 01 June 2021
Most Affordable Areas to Rent in Dubai

Many of us have gone through our very own economic crisis especially in 2020 as the pandemic struck. Businesses shut down and tourism was affected. If you are one of those who got affected and are likely looking to cost cut your payments such as rent, then we have got you. Here are the most affordable areas to rent in Dubai.


If you are looking for a studio then here is what we have got,

  • DH14,000 in International City
  •  Dh15,000 in Deira
  •  Dh17,500 in Dubai Sports City
  •  Dh17,500 in Discovery Gardens
  • Dh20,000 in Jumeirah Village

-1 bedroom apartment

  • Dh20,000 in International City
  • Dh25,000 in Deira
  • Dh25,000 in Dubai Sports City
  • Dh27,500 in Discovery Gardens
  • Dh27,500 in Jumeirah Village


If you are a small family and 2 bedroom seems convenient then,

  • Dh35,000 in Deira
  • Dh35,000 in International City
  • Dh37,500 in Dubai Sports City
  • Dh40,000 in Jumeirah Village
  • Dh50,000 in Discovery Gardens

-3 bedrooms

For bigger families you do not need to worry as there are as well affordable houses!

  • Dh50,000 in International City
  • Dh55,000 in Deira
  • Dh60,000 in Dubai Sports City
  • Dh65,000 in Jumeirah Village

When looking for a house make sure to start searching ahead of time to find a home that matches your expectations and what you are exactly looking for.

Image Source: WAM

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