Interview: Mahira Abdelaziz Talks Life and Success

  • Publish date: Saturday، 28 August 2021 Last update: Tuesday، 12 October 2021
Interview: Mahira Abdelaziz Talks Life and Success

This day comes every year to remind us of the pivotal role that Emirati women play in the renaissance of the state and the progress of society in all sectors.

For Emirati Women's Day, we interviewed one of the most important and leading females faces in the Arab and Emirati media scene today. In this interview, we speak to Mahira Abdelaziz, an Emirati media figure, architect, mother, and symbol of success. 

In your opinion, how has the role of Emirati women changed?

The role of Emirati women is constantly evolving due to the wise leadership of the leaders of the Emirates. It is enough that we have a Minister of Happiness and the youngest Minister of Youth, which makes us at the forefront of countries supporting the role and empowerment of women

What is the sector in which you see women most creative?

I do not believe that creativity is linked to gender. Like men, women are creative in all areas. My sister is one of these examples, as she is currently the captain of the UAE women's football team, and she is one of the first female football players in the Emirates and has achieved a lot with the national team.

If you were a decision-maker, what legislation do you think Emirati women need today for more empowerment?

I think mothers should be supported at work by the provision of nurseries in the workplace or the opportunity to work remotely after birth and giving the husband an opportunity to support in this situation.

Name a young talent that you see today as a star/pioneer in her field

Hamda AlQubaisi, the UAE racing driver, became the first woman in the history of motor racing to score a podium in Formula 4 Italy after achieving third place in the first race at Misano.

What is your message to Emirati women on this day ?

My message to Emirati women is to continue to give their best and to believe in their full capabilities. She who can bring life to this world and raise generations is able to accomplish everything and cannot put the word impossible in her dictionary.

What is your message to men on Emirati Women's Day?

My message to the Emirati man is to make the leaders and rulers of the Emirates a role model for him in their continuous support for women and their firm belief in the importance of their essential role in the development of any society.