Exclusive Interview With The First Female Emirati Aviation Engineer

  • Publish date: Saturday، 28 August 2021 Last update: Thursday، 25 August 2022
Exclusive Interview With The First Female Emirati Aviation Engineer

Today, Emirati women strive to prove themselves in various sectors, especially those vital sectors in which the UAE needs to prosper. Today we see them side by side with men in all fields without exception. Emirati women have pledged themselves to be a vital part of the UAE's success.

In this exclusive interview, Dr. Eng Suaad Al Shamsi, an Emirati woman who followed her passion and proved her success—starting as the UAE's first female Emirati Aviation Engineer to becoming a writer who loves creativity and giving.

Tell us about your career as the UAE's first female Emirati Aviation Engineer.

Just like any person who begins their journey with a dream and a passion for aircraft and cars, I realized from a young age that I love the plane and everything related to its maintenance. I promised myself that I must specialize in the field of aircraft mechanics. Indeed, my journey began as the first Emirati and Arab female student to major in Aeronautical Engineering and Aviation Management, along a degree in Aerospace. After that, I worked as an aviation engineer specializing landing gear department for ten years. Later, I worked as a flight advisor for one of the largest aviation projects in the UAE for six years.

I was opposed by society, universities, my family's fears, and men who refused to work with me. However, I continued my career path until everyone accepted the idea.

You are a landing gear specialist. Tell us more about this specialization and the tasks assigned to you

The flight engineer is one of the essential personnel in aviation and one of the most important members of the crew. The landing gear specialist is one of the most important specialties. Still, some people avoid it because it requires patience and physical strength since the weight of the piece varies in size, shape, and inclination, as well as its packing.

It is a responsibility that includes maintenance of the aircraft frame and air brakes for all aircraft and ensuring the integrity of the parts until they reach the workshop.

Exclusive Interview With The First Female Emirati Aviation Engineer

Why did you pursue a career in aviation?

First, my passion for airplanes, I always call it my lover, and the fact that aviation lacks the presence of women posed a challenge for me. I like challenges and greet rejection with open arms until it becomes acceptable without prejudice to my country's name, identity, customs, traditions, or religion.

I wanted to change the stereotype associated with Arab women not being able to accomplish what men can do, or that their presence in this sector is impossible, and other negative thoughts nurtured in women's minds.

The world of aviation is also beautiful. Who does not love the sky, the plane, and the airports??

How has working in a "male dominated sector" affected your personality?

I can say that this experience polished my character, becoming more patient, more focused, and more courageous. The male sector is mentally and physically rough, which made me aspire to be more solid.

Tell us about Suaad Al Shamsi, the writer (your favorite books, something about your literary works)

I love reading and writing a lot, far from TV and movies. I own an extensive library, where I read between 100 and 120 books annually. Reading takes you to all countries, worlds, personalities, and homes, and for me, it is closer to the world of flying. The two are fun, and let us wander!

I love reading the work of many local and international writers, and the closest book to me is Danielle Steel, an expected character from whom I learned the writer's humility.

I have several publications, "Lover between Bulaq and Dubai."

I issued "Barcode," one of the novels that affected me psychologically. It talks about human trafficking and its modern methods. When I interviewed each of the novel's heroines, I found a different, realistic, and internally different picture.

The novel "My Wish is to Kill a Man" was very popular, as it was translated into English and Farsi, and I received thousands of letters from those who shared their stories with me.

If you were a decision-maker, what legislation do you think Emirati women need today for more empowerment - in general, and in the field of air work in particular?

In my opinion, Her Highness Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak and all the leaders in the UAE made sure to put all the necessary legislations. They made empowering women their cause in the previous years and will continue in the years ahead.

Women today need more knowledge and awareness about legislation. In the field of air work, we need greater empowerment for women, as the percentage of women is still low compared to men due to the lack of appropriate support and awareness.

Exclusive Interview With The First Female Emirati Aviation Engineer

What would you say to young Emirati women who are considering an experience similar to yours?

Be different, be passionate, believe in yourself and your dream, and that you will have your lifetime experience.

Which female personality has inspired you throughout your career?

Every female figure has inspired me, from my mother and sister to my colleagues and the women I have met or read about. Every woman is an inspiration to Suaad, a housewife, a wife, a sister, a friend, a leader, an ordinary employee, or a position holder; every woman is an inspiration to another woman, in my opinion.

What is your message to Emirati women today? What is your message to the man on this occasion as well?

For every Emirati woman, thank you from the heart. You are the ones who made the change. You are the one who made the difference. You are the glory and the goodness. Women are the heart of the UAE, and men are its body. The woman completes the man, and the man completes the woman.

For every man, thank you from the heart, father, brother, husband, son, colleague, for your support to all women, and most importantly, your faith in them and me.

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