Nada Nadir Shares With Us The Start of Her Journey On Social Media

  • Publish date: Friday، 10 June 2022
Nada Nadir Shares With Us The Start of Her Journey On Social Media

Her passion for photography and love for fashion encouraged her to dedicate a part of her day to creating content online. Nada Nadir talks to us today about how she started her social media journey, her interests, and her ultimate message to her followers.

1. What inspired you to start your account on social media?

It started with my passion for photography. I liked taking pictures of my daily outfits because I love fashion. Also, I started seeing the people’s reactions to my content and how they liked my clothes and the way I style my outfits. I still get inspired by their comments about how I influenced them in a positive way.

2. How do you balance your personal life, studies, and your social media account?

I try as much as possible to organize my time and follow a weekly schedule of tasks required of me. Sometimes It is difficult to follow this schedule 100%, and it depends on my deadlines.

3. What type of content do you like to follow on social media?

I love following content related to fashion and knowing all the latest trends because it is one of my main interests. Lately, I’ve been enjoying following entertaining and funny content creators. Many of them are talented and deserve to get recognized. I also like to watch cooking videos, though I’m not really an expert in that field.

4. Why are you interested in Fashion?

It is a fun and colorful world. You always find something new in the fashion world. I believe that fashion and the way you dress can reflect your personality and your mood. I am one of the people that get influenced by clothes and colors, and I like that all my looks and outfits reflect my mood.

5. What is your message to your followers?

My message to my followers is that you can look beautiful and elegant in a modest fashion. In the past, there wasn’t much interest or dedication to modest fashion. But recently we see that there’s a shift towards it and it is starting to get the attention of international brands and designers.

The ultimate message that I want to share by showing my daily life or my opinion on things with my followers is that life is beautiful with all its hectic and tiring details and that every day is a blessing to work harder and to succeed and to be happy.

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