Interview: Founder of Myriam K Paris Talks Life, Success, and Beauty

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 20 April 2022
Interview: Founder of Myriam K Paris Talks Life, Success, and Beauty

CEO & Founder of Myriam•K Paris, Myriam Keramane talks about her Dubai-based luxury beauty brand. Find out her HERO products, and the story behind her brand.

  1. What inspired you to launch your brand?

I couldn’t find the products I wanted for my hair and for my clients’ in the marketplace already, so I decided to create them.

A little story: one time a client came to my hair salon asking me for a keratin hair treatment, and she had blond hair. I told her that I didn’t have any product that could answer her needs; I only had chemical straighteners. She told me that there was a solution in Brazil, and that all the women used it. It was called escova progressiva. The next day she came back with the product in hand, and I tried it on her hair. It was such a revelation for me! That day, I discovered a new product that could really change the hair care industry. So I decided to fly to Brazil to build a brand around this amazing product.

Interview: Founder of Myriam K Paris Talks Life, Success, and Beauty

  1. We know this must be a difficult one to answer, but what are your three absolute hero products from your brand?

Detoxifying Hair Oil: When I am stressed and have a psoriasis flare-up, detoxifying oil is a natural solution with 97% of ingredients from natural origin. It is a natural solution for dandruff, itching scalp etc.

Power Mask: This is a professional treatment; therefore it is a blessing to have and use it at home because it offers professional effects. I can’t live without it because I do highlights all the time, so I have brittle and dry hair. Thanks to the plex technology, the Power Mask helps me keep my hair hydrated, healthy and shiny.

Love Gummies: I’ve recognized for a while that in order to have healthy hair, it is important to treat them from the inside (by taking food supplements) and from the outside, thanks to shampoos and masks. Love Gummies from Myriam•K Paris are vegan, halal, gluten free, without artificial colorant and they are very high-dosage, so they are really good for hair, skin and nails, with a strong biotin concentration. The advantage of taking them in gummies instead of pills is that thanks to the gummies, the vitamins will be released directly into your body, much more quickly than pills. You see results more quickly by taking gummies than by taking pills.

  1. What has the journey been like to build a beauty brand over the last two years?

Because of COVID, we have completely changed our strategy over the past two years and redirected ourselves more toward digital marketing and sales, because we have had less face-to-face access to our community. Before, we used to receive our community in our shop or in our showroom; with COVID, we now communicate with them via lives, videos and a virtual proximité with our customers.

By the way, while the arrival of COVID was negative for everyone, it ultimately became an opportunity for us. We have been able to interact with our community all over the world. What seemed a weakness for our business, we turned into a strength.

Interview: Founder of Myriam K Paris Talks Life, Success, and Beauty

  1. In terms of consumers, what has been the most popular product?

Oriental warm oud is a best seller in the region. This range is enriched with Argan Oil and Keratin, and everyone loves its Oud smell. Smells and fragrances are really important in the Middle East, and it’s a range that succeeds thanks to scent.

  1. Whats next for MyriamK Paris ?

Opening a hair salon in City Walk.

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