No More Face Masks Or Obligatory Quarantine for COVID-19 Contact Cases

  • Publish date: Sunday، 27 February 2022
No More Face Masks Or Obligatory Quarantine for COVID-19 Contact Cases

New requirements for covid-19 were announced in Dubai, UAE. The UAEs' and middle east tourism and commercial hub have ended the needs of the following:

  • The need to wear face masks while outdoors; however, face masks are still an obligation in all indoor areas, like shopping malls, schools, etc.
  • The mandatory quarantine for anyone who comes into contact with Covid-19 in Dubai does not display any symptoms, and no PCR test is required after that.
  • Any passenger arriving from other countries is not required to hand negative PCR tests if they were fully vaccinated.
  • There are no more border entry requirements for giving negative PCR test results for anyone entering Abu Dhabi while traveling from Dubai.

All of the mentioned above will occur starting Saturday 26th of February, as the UAE is still studying further requirements and decluttering all the strict rules and conditions in the UAE; however, this does not mean a ban.

The UAE and the world are starting to loosen up the rules and requirements after covid-19 cases have seen a spike, then are starting to become lower in different countries worldwide.

The rule of not wearing masks in public anymore is valid for Abu-Dhabi. Although, in contrast, masks are not required anymore, a lot of people got used to them and felt like they need to wear one to be able to follow up with their daily life tasks usually, wearing masks has always been spread and well known in Asian countries as they suffer in some areas from horrible air quality from the productions and the factories. However, the world was introduced to masks when covid-19 spread around and announced an airborne spreading virus.

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