Leading luxury brand for professional-grade home appliances – Gaggenau

hosted an enchanting evening in the stunning Baden-Württemberg House in EXPO 2020 Dubai.

  • Publish date: Thursday، 07 April 2022
Leading luxury brand for professional-grade home appliances – Gaggenau
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Dubai/Munich, November 2021: Right in the heart of innovation, the leading luxury brand for professional-grade home appliances – Gaggenau – hosted an enchanting evening in the stunning Baden-Württemberg House in EXPO 2020 Dubai.

The impact of EXPO 2020 has been colossal. This festival of human ingenuity not only brings together and showcases incredible innovations from around the world, it also creates the opportunity for brands that share similar ideologies to come together.

This opportunity however is not by chance, it is by design. ‘Opportunity’ is one of the key sub themes of EXPO 2020 – along with ‘Mobility’ and ‘Sustainability’ – and it is this opportunity that facilitated the captivating collaboration between Gaggenau and Baden-Württemberg House. Both of these names are synonymous with heritage and innovation, and it is this contrast that inspired the approach to the theme.

The theme of the evening was an idea derived from two of the core Gaggenau features, strength and elegance, and the space created meticulously synergised the dichotomy between the two. Inspired by the innovatory nature of EXPO 2020 itself, the dining experience was revolutionary.

The idea of strength originates from Gaggenau ovens and appliances being made from stainless steel. They are heavier than normal appliances in the market, due to historical know-how and quality.

Whereas elegance is derived from the insight that Gaggenau appliances are known to have the cleanest lines. The cleanest minimalism, cleanest material and attention to every detail in the craftsmanship process, with everything finished by hand.

These juxtaposed sentiments manifested themselves in the form of a solid and clean space design, with a floral finesse to complement and complete the strong yet elegant overall design. Guests, which included VIP Clients, Designers, Architects, Partners, Media and PR, Luxury Developers and HQ Gaggenau Germany management, were treated to a transcendent culinary experience.

Gastronomic visionary and world-renowned Executive Chef, Hadrien Villedieu, masterfully created and coordinated a dining experience to tastefully nod to the theme of the evening – strength and elegance. The menu consisted of creative dishes with a Germanic inspiration and the use of cooking techniques and ingredients that were contrasting in taste, textures and colours, and yet worked in symbiosis in the palate.

Every detail of this immersive evening was thought through and brought the overarching theme to life. The contrasting space was inspired by the Gaggenau brand – it intelligently combined things that seem opposed to one another, and EXPO 2020 delicately balances tradition with innovation. It is almost ironic that such contrasting concepts can yield such rallying results.

Gaggenau is where the difference is.