Learn About Whale Sharks and Other Marine Animals in Qatar

  • Publish date: Saturday، 23 July 2022
Learn About Whale Sharks and Other Marine Animals in Qatar
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An educational journey to Qatar's northern coastlines during the summer offers residents and guests the chance to explore "one of the world's last unexplored beauties."

Every year, hundreds of whale sharks congregate in big groups off the northeast coast of Qatar, making for an incredible sight, according to VisitQatar. One of the world's greatest concentrations of whale sharks can be found in Qatar.

With Discover Qatar's "Daily Explorer" and "Private Charter" tours, wildlife enthusiasts can view a large number of whale sharks without disturbing their surroundings.

During the 2.5-hour tours, participants can watch these wonderful marine animals from a boat or from kayaks, but swimming with, petting, or feeding them is absolutely forbidden. Additionally, a professional photographer is tasked with taking images throughout the tour at no cost to the participant.

These types of excursions, according to Discover Qatar, give visitors an unforgettable experience that "no one else has ever had" and "the chance to explore an environment so remote that nature and wildlife flourish, to go somewhere unlike anywhere else in the world and to do so in the utmost luxury." Whale sharks congregate in great numbers at the surface to feed, and Qatar's coastal waters are the ideal place to observe them.

Through a presentation, visitors will also gain more knowledge about whale sharks, including "their behaviors, feeding, and an outline of the research being conducted out in Qatar."

However, these whale shark experiences "are subject to favorable weather conditions," according to Discover Qatar, but visitors are often informed 48 hours before the departure time.

Pose no danger to people

It is frequently unclear whether these endangered gentle giants are a species of whale or shark due to their look and ambiguous moniker. Whale sharks are members of the shark family, despite having many similarities to whales. Let's explore a few amazing facts:

The whale shark, known scientifically as "Rhincodon Typus," can reach a length of up to 20 meters, which is parallel to the length of a large city bus.

• The fish has certain traits of sharks, such as having a cartilage-based skeleton system and develops like a whale, expelling water through its gills (not bones).

• In comparison to male species, female species develop larger.

• Whale shark migration is a must-see marine activity in Qatar because of their distinctively spotted patterns and camouflaging appearances.

Despite their captivating name, whale sharks pose no harm to people, including tourists and scuba divers. They meander in the warm, shallow seas off Qatar's northern coastlines, which are around 145 kilometers from the city of Doha's shores. Whale sharks frequently appear in groups of over 100 to 150 fish.