Killer Whales Spotted Off Coast Of Abu Dhabi

  • Publish date: Saturday، 25 December 2021
Killer Whales Spotted Off Coast Of Abu Dhabi

Two pairs of killer whales were spotted off near the coast of Abu Dhabis' coast, playing and splashing off water. An environment agency made this discovery in Abu Dhabi.

Killer Whales splashing off

Killer whales or Ocras' are one of the well-known marine life that travels all around, and can adapt to both cool climates and warm climates, and are found in all oceans of the world however, killer whales are not easily found in the UAE.

What are killer whales?

Ocras' are the largest members of dolphin families, but they are not whales despite being named Killer Whales. The biggest killer whale recorded has weighed 10 tonnes, and it was 10 meters long.

Protecting Marine life

The biodiversity of marine life is a sign of the healthy and quality water of UAE, and killer whales often feed on a variety of fishes, mammals, and seabirds, however because of the efforts for protecting marine life near the UAE, even killer whales are sailing through its coasts

back in August the same agency had announced plans to have the most advanced research ship and study the uncharted waters that are 10m deep near the Arabian Gulf, with high-tech equipment, Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed, chairman of Environment Agency Abu Dhabi, has emphasized the importance of this investment to protect and improve the marine life near Abu Dhabi and UAE.