New Regulations in Abu Dhabi for Recreational Fishing

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 14 June 2023
New Regulations in Abu Dhabi for Recreational Fishing

Abu Dhabi has established new rules for recreational fishing and organizing fishing tournaments in the emirate's waters.

The purpose of this is to encourage marine fishing sports in the emirate and assist recreational fishing activities.

Recreational fishermen and those in charge of marine fishing competitions throughout the Emirate of Abu Dhabi must abide by the decision's guidelines.

The ruling forbids the practice of recreational fishing and the holding of marine fishing contests within the emirate's territorial seas without EAD authorization.

It states that anglers or anyone who utilizes pleasure boats can engage in recreational fishing. While practicing free diving, the fishing equipment may include line and hooks or spear guns, or any other means recommended by EAD.

What are the terms and conditions?

A recreational fishing license candidate must be at least 18 years old in order to qualify for one. Adults with valid recreational fishing licenses may be accompanied by minors who are under the age of 18.

The EAD must receive a license request application in addition to the required paperwork. One can use the 'Tamm' government services online to submit applications for both an annual and weekly recreational fishing license.

The organizers of maritime fishing contests are in charge of securing the event by making the appropriate preparations, procuring the tools and equipment for security and safety, and meeting any additional requirements outlined by EAD. An application must be submitted to the EAD using the appropriate form, along with the required supporting documentation and details regarding the proposed venue, date, and time of the competition.

The kind and amount of the targeted species, the number of participants, the fishing equipment that will be utilized, and other details must also be specified by the organizers. Additionally, applications must include any additional information that the applicant deems pertinent, along with how they intend to dispose of the fish they catch.

When spearfishing, the internationally recognizable diving flag must also be hoisted. A driver and two holders who have a recreational license to use a speargun must be present in order for spearfishing to be legal. A report detailing the species and quantity of fish captured is to be submitted to EAD via the channels established by the Agency after the fishing trip has been completed.

It is prohibited for anybody other than the licensee to utilize a recreational fishing license or a marine fishing competition permit. Before returning to shore, getting to the anchoring, or getting to the landing location, caught fish or marine creatures must not be released.

The decision referred to Ministerial Resolution No. 580 of 2015 regarding the prohibition of fishing, selling, and marketing smaller sizes of fish that are below the minimum length allowed, as well as any applicable laws that regulate fishing seasons or sizes, and compliance with the permitted daily fishing quota of 24 fish species every pleasure boat for each person.

The ruling outlawed the taking of, trading in, keeping, or causing harm to any marine aquatic species, including corals, sea horses, parrotfish, yellow grouper, painted sweetlips, sea turtles, whales, dolphins, dugongs, and all species of sharks and stingrays.

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