Meta's Threads Hits 10 Million Sign-ups in 7 Hours, Zuckerberg Reveals

  • Publish date: Thursday، 06 July 2023
Meta's Threads Hits 10 Million Sign-ups in 7 Hours, Zuckerberg Reveals

According to Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta Platforms, the recently launched Threads app registered 10 million sign-ups in the first seven hours of its launch.

On Wednesday, Mark Zuckerberg announced the arrival of Threads with the message, "Threads is here. Let's get started!" He shared this exciting news through posts on the app and on Facebook.

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“The goal is to keep it friendly as it expands.”

Threads, a text-based conversation app developed by Instagram, highest-profile attempt so far to challenge its rival social media platform, Twitter.

According to the descriptions provided on both Apple's App Store and Google's Play Store, Threads is a platform where different communities come together to engage in conversations ranging from ongoing topics and interests to upcoming trends.

Here are Some of Threads’ Features:

  • Users aged 12 and older can access Threads by logging in with their Instagram accounts.
  • The app enables users to create and share threads, engage in replies, and follow profiles of their interest.
  • Threads support various types of content in threads and replies, including text, links, photos, videos, or a combination.
  • Users can choose to follow others to view their threads and replies in their feeds.
  • Access to posts on Threads is subject to the privacy settings of the user's profile.

Although Meta confirmed that the Threads app would be accessible in over 100 countries, it faced regulatory concerns that made it unavailable in certain EU countries. However, users in the UAE can download and use the app without any restrictions.

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