Must Visit Dubai Dates Festival to Begin in October

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 23 August 2022
Must Visit Dubai Dates Festival to Begin in October

The first edition of the Liwa Dates Festival and Auction will run from 15th to 24th October in the Liwa City, Al Dhafra Region, in Abu Dhabi, the Festival aims to transfer knowledge and exchange expertise between farmers to grow the best and finest types of palms and fruits.

The Liwa Dates Festival and Auction serves as a platform specialised in marketing and selling locally-grown species of dates as well as date products widely cultivated across the world to exchange expertise between farmers worldwide on the latest agriculture methods in date palm cropping and cultivation and on how to grow and care for date palm trees.

The Festival will feature the International Dates Village along with prominent activities, such as dates competitions on the most beautiful fruit basket, the most beautiful heritage sculpture, and the model farm.

They will be organised in the Festival Arena, which will be one of the most vibrant venues in the annual event to host corporate, social and private activities, including the Date Product Packaging Competition, the International Date, Olive and Moringa Peregrina Oil Competition, and the Drawing and Photography Competition.

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